Infinidat InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter for VMware SRM

The Infinidat InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) is a software add-on that integrates with the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) platform, enabling site-to-site failovers over InfiniBox systems that are deployed on remote sites. The InfiniBox SRA extends the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager capabilities by leveraging the InfiniBox replication feature, assuring continuous storage availability at both the primary site and secondary site. 

Infinidat InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter is a trademark of Infinidat.



The Infinidat storage system whose data is replicated by the VMware SRM.


The pool is a logical space that contains volumes, snapshots and clones. The pool allocates physical and virtual storage space for these entities. The pool also determines a policy for automatic extension in case of space depletion.


A set of disk blocks presented to an operating environment as a range of consecutively numbered logical blocks with disk-like storage and I/O semantics.

Host PowerTools for VMware

Infinidat Host PowerToolsTM for VMware is an application that provides the VMware administrator with provisioning capabilities by assisting and easing the process of volumes backup and recovery.

Array Manager

The way the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) refers to InfiniBox.


Last updated on: December 9, 2020.

InfiniBox SRA release types

  • InfiniBox SRA for SRM Windows  - Windows installer. 
    • Latest version - 5.2.1 (Final release)
  • InfiniBox SRA for Photon-OS SRM (SRM Appliance) - Docker container. 
    • Latest version 5.2

Installation prerequisites

Infinidat InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter for VMware SRM can be installed directly on the VMware SRA and has no additional requirements.


InfiniBox SRA for Windows SRM

The InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter installation packages are available on

InfiniBox SRA for SRM Appliance (Photon-OS)

The InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter for Photon-OS packages are available on

  • The InfiniBox SRA for Photon OS is packed as a Docker container. 
  • The Docker SRA files are distributed as .tar.gz archives.

Support matrix

For the complete support matrix of the InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter with VMware SRM and InfiniBox versions please visit: Infinidat Interoperability Matrix.

Supported replication types 

  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication for volumes.
  • Asynchronous replication for filesystems.

InfiniBox SRA supports 3-way replication between systems. This feature is especially useful when a DR is required

If you are using 3-way replication, you should be aware that the workload cannot be reprotected after using SRM.

To reprotect the system, you must recreate the replication.

This limitation only applies to sites using InfiniBox SRA with 3-way replication.

For more information contact Infinidat Support.

Guide supported versions

This guide applies to Infinidat InfiniBox Storage Replication Adapter 4.0 or later.

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