Protecting VMs using Sync & Async replication.

Step1: InfiniBox Configuration

First, set InfiniBox replication for the corresponding volumes (the volumes on which the datastores reside).

  • InfiniBox Synchronous / Asynchronous replication should be set for each datastore to protect.

InfiniBox Replication

InfiniBox replication is set directly from the InfiniBox management consoles (InfiniShell, GUI).

  • Instructions for setting up replication using the InfiniBox management consoles, are available on the Infinidat support site: InfiniBox Replication
  • No other steps are required on the InfiniBox side.

Protecting VMs that span on multiple datastores

All the corresponding volumes must be in the same consistency group.

  • The InfiniBox replication than should be set on the consistency group level.

Viewing the replication status

The replication status is available directly from the InfiniBox management consoles.

Step 2: SRM Configuration

Once the InfiniBox replication is configured:

  • Validate that SRM successfully discovered the new replicated volumes. For instruction see: Discovering new replicated volumes
  • Create protection groups so that SRM can protect virtual machines, and a recovery plan which coordinates how virtual machines should be recovered. 

SRM Protection groups and Recovery plans

Creating protection groups and recovery plans is performed directly from the VMware SRM user interface.

  • For more information, see VMware documentation for SRM.

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