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InfiniBox provides queries that list entities along with their properties. This page lists the available queries with the available values of the state field.

Hardware queries

Available hardware queries are:

  • drive.query
  • enclosure.query
  • node.query

Available states:

  • UNCONFIGURED - the enclosure is not configured to receive a disk at this slot
  • MISSING - the enclosure is configured to receive a disk and there is not disk at the slot
  • READY - the disk is in the slot and is not yet activated
  • ACTIVE - the disk is in the slot and is activated
  • FAILED - the disk is in the slot, was ACTIVE and is not deactivated

Network queries


  • CONNECTED - the interface is connected to all of the ports
  • DEGRADED - the interface is connected to some ports (not all of them)
  • DISCONNECTED - the interface is not connected to any of the ports


  • This command will be removed in 3.0


  • OK - the port exists


  • No states are available

Replica and link queries


  • UP - the link is up, supported by the entire cluster and can support a service
  • DOWN - the link is down and cannot support a service
  • DEGRADED - Either of:
    • The link is up and can support a service, but it is not supported by the entire cluster
    • The management link is down


  • INITIAL_REPLICATION - the replica is correctly defined and is undergoing an Initialization phase in which the local dataset is replicated to the target in order to create a consistent snapshot.
  • IDLE - the replica is correctly defined, the Initialization phase ended successfully, and the replica is ready for the next sync job.
  • REPLICATING - the replica is undergoing a sync job. At the end of the sync job the replica returns to an Idle state.
  • AUTO_SUSPENDED - the link is down, or the target pool is not in Normal state, so a sync job does not result with a consistent snapshot.
  • SUSPENDED - the replica is manually suspended, and no new sync job will start.


  • Normal - the pool is created with this state and remains in this state as long as it does not use the emergency buffer.
  • Limited - the pool enters a Limited state when it consumes its emergency buffer. The pool returns to a Normal state if data is removed from it, or if its capacity is extended.
  • Locked - the pool enters a Locked state if its emergency buffer is fully consumed. The pool returns to a Normal state if its capacity is extended, or data is removed from it.


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