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The InfiniBox plug-in for VEEAM allows the user to manage application-consistent InfiniBox snapshots directly from the VEEAM GUI. The user can set a backup policy on the VEEAM console that includes taking native InfiniBox snapshots as part of the backup process. 

Solution added values

  • No performance penalty when using InfiniBox snapshots
  • Improved backup process 
    • Eliminates host-level overhead  
    • Better Recovery Point Objectives through more frequent backups 
    • Shortens backup duration 
  • Improved recovery times
    • Quickly recover individual items or entire VMs directly from storage snapshots (Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots)
  • Copy production data to dev & test use cases (Veeam Virtual Lab)
    • Use InfiniBox snapshots to create isolated copies of production environment

Support matrix

See: InfiniBox compatibility with host software

Supported protocols

FC-SAN Snapshot

iSCSI Snapshot

NFS-Filesystem Snapshot

Used ports

See: TCP and UDP ports required for INFINIDAT products


The InfiniBox plug-in is available from the Veeam download center (Veeam password required):


Please refer to the following Veeam documentation:

Using Veeam with InfiniBox Active-Active replication

In order to back up virtual machines that reside on a volume that is undergoing Active-Active replication, follow one of the following current best practices:

  • Add both  InfiniBox  systems to the same backup server, and  exclude one of the Active-Active volume peers from rescan. For details on how to exclude volumes from rescan, see the following VEEAM documentation: Rescanning Storage Systems.
  • Use two Veeam backup servers and add only one of the  InfiniBox systems  to each of them. Then using the job definition,  select  on which InfiniBox system the native snapshots are created. 

For more details

For more details please refer to the following:

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