Test Description

This test checks that no INFINIDAT devices are included on the multipath configuration file black list.

This test case fails if:

  • There is a device-specific blacklist rule against Infinidat's Vendor ID and Product ID
  • There is a regular expressions blacklist rule that excludes sg devices
  • There are Infinidat volume serial numbers that are explicitly black-listed

This test case passes if:

  • There are no device or regex or wwid rules that black-list Infinidat devices

How-to fix this test

Automatic fix

The automatic fix does the following: 

  1. Removes the blacklist rules from the configuration file.
  2. Creates 2 files for user inspection before completing:
    1. /etc/multipath.conf.[timestamp].full - this file contains the current configuration.
      Note that this file will include all multipath configuration, including default built-in values that the multipath service uses. This means that this file may contain more values than those already written in the configuration file (in /etc/multipath.conf)
    2. /etc/multipath.conf.[timestamp].fixed - this is the new file that will be used after the fix is completed.
  3. Awaits user approval. The user may use a diff tool to compare these two files before confirming the fix.
  4. Once the fix completes, these files are removed. The files are not removed if the fix is not applied (e.g. if the user decides not to apply the automatic fix).
  5. When the automatic fix is applied, it will create a backup of the old configuration file, in /etc/multipath.conf.[timestamp].bak.
  6. The fix will also create a grub entry that the user may use to revert to the old configuration on startup, if needed.

Manual fix

Manually remove the blacklist rules from the multipath configuration file (multipath.conf).

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