This manual check is done in order to check FC connectivity to InfiniBox systems in Solaris hosts.

This is a manual configuration step that is currently not supported in Host Power Tools.

Manual configuration guide

Recommended settings

First, make sure /usr/sbin is in $PATH.

Then, to check that the FC port is on, type:

fcadm hba-port -l | grep -i state

With the expected output:

State: online


To check if the system is visible, type:

luxadm -ev dump_map `fcadm hba-port | awk '/dev/ {print $4}'` | head -n 1
luxadm -ev dump_map `fcadm hba-port | awk '/dev/ {print $4}'` | grep -i "array controller device"

You should see a list of all the system's ports that are visible to this host. For each port, you should see something like:

Pos  Port_ID Hard_Addr Port WWN         Node WWN         Type
1    10089   0        5742b0f0004e2b12 5742b0f0004e2b00 0xc  (Array controller device)

Manual fix

If the system's WWN's are not visible to the host, you can:

  • Check the zoning between the host and InfiniBox in the FC switch.


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