What is InfiniDrop

Prior to starting any maintenance activity, Infinidat Support needs to upload support tools software to the Support Appliance (SA). InfiniDrop is a mechanism that shortens maintenance windows and makes Remote Support more effective by automatically downloading these necessary updates to the SA.

Benefits of InfiniDrop

Currently, when a new maintenance action is needed, Infinidat Support must first download the appropriate code, firmware packages and utilities to the SA. Factors such as network performance speeds and code package size impact Infinidat Support's ability to download packages quickly and efficiently. InfiniDrop solves this issue by periodically querying Infinidat’s controlled endpoints to check if there are updated support packages to download. InfiniDrop then automatically downloads the updated packages in the background and places them in an encrypted folder on the SA. This makes them readily available for the next maintenance session, significantly reducing the time needed for the maintenance activity.

Enabling InfiniDrop

Contact your Technical Advisor to enable InfiniDrop.

For proper functionality, make sure to open TCP port 443 outbound from the SA IP address to

About the Support Appliance

The Support Appliance is a physical server located at the top of the InfiniBox rack. The SA is isolated from the InfiniBox management stack and is used by Infinidat Support for providing remote-support for on-site and remote maintenance activities. See Remote Support User Guide for more details.

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