This article describes how to configure fibre channel drivers and other system settings in HP-UX for better performance with Infinibox.

This is a manual configuration step that is currently not supported in Host Power Tools.

Manual configuration guide

A HP-UX host is basically ready for volume provisioning, so no changes need to be made in the global system settings or in the HBA driver settings. Unlike typical linux hosts, some parameters should be set in the target level (i.e storage controller), or even per lun. These configuration changes can only be performed after connection of the storage model or after device mapping events, so they will be described in the following documents:

SCSI related global attributes can be retrieved/set/saved for reboot using:

scsimgr get_attr -a <attr>
scsimgr set_attr -a <attr>=<value>
scsimgr save_attr -a <attr>=<value>

Note that some attribute are read only, for example max_q_depth, and currently no special configuration is required.


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