Test Description

In boot-from-SAN environments, the fiber-channel driver attributes and multipath configuration need to reside inside the initrd image.

This test case checks it is necessary to re-create the initrd image, and creates one if necessary

This test case fails if:

The server boots from a fiber-channel disk and if infinihost changes fc driver attributes or multipath settings since the last reboot

This test case passes if:

There is no need to re-generate the initrd

How to fix this test

Automatic fix

The automatic fix performs the following steps:

  1. Writes the recommended options to the configuration file
  2. Creates a backup copy of the initrd image file
  3. Overrides the existing initrd image file by running mkinitrd
  4. Creates a backup copy of /etc/grub.conf
  5. Puts a backup entry inside /etc/grub.conf that loads the backup copy of initrd

Manual fix

To create a new initial ramdisk image:

  • For Redhat 6 or 7: 

    dracut -f /boot/initramfs-`uname -r`

Applies to

  • Linux

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