Test Description

This test performs a Host Readiness Check in ESX hosts.

As InfiniBox leverages the native multipath I/O capabilities in VMware ESXi, and, on the other hand,  VMware configures a failover-only path selection policy for InfiniBox, instead of round-robin, there is a need to reconcile between the two, using a claiming rule. The test looks for such claiming rule.

Details of the claiming rule

KeyValue for vSphere 6.7 and belowValue for vSphere 6.7u1 and above
Path Selection PolicyVMW_PSP_RRVMW_PSP_RR
Path Selection Policy optionsiops=1policy=latency
Claim optionstpgs_ontpgs_on

This test case fails if:

  • There is no claiming rule installed for InfiniBox
  • Either of the attached InfiniBox LUNs is not claimed by the InfinBox rule

This test case passes if:

There is a claiming rule for InfiniBox and all the attached InfinBox LUNs are using the settings provided by this rule.

How-to fix this test

Automatic fix

Host Power Tools for VMware automatically fixes this issue by creating a claiming rule.

Once this rule is created, all new InfiniBox LUNs are claimed. However, it does not automatically apply to LUNS that are already mapped.

Therefore, Host Power Tools for VMware goes over all InfiniBox LUN mappings and updates their configuration. This is done on-line, without I/O interruption.

Manual fix

Changing the native multi-path I/O handler can be done only via the esxcli command-line utility, by running the storage nmp satp rule add. Refer to the links below for more information.

More Information

Applies To

  • VMware ESX

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