This guide explains how to provision InfiniBox volumes and obtain their information on a Solaris host.

This is a manual configuration step that is currently not supported in Host Power Tools.

Manual guide

Volume provisioning

  1. Before you continue, make sure that there is an FC connectivity to InfiniBox.

  2. You should create a Host object in InfiniBox, with your host's WWN's using InfiniBox UI or Infinishell.
  3. You can now create volumes and map them to your host using  InfiniBox UI or Infinishell.

List available InfiniBox volumes

To list InfiniBox luns, run:

cfgadm -lao show_SCSI_LUN | head -n 1
cfgadm -lao show_SCSI_LUN | grep disk | grep unknown | grep 5742b0f

Where 5742b0f is the vendor id of InfiniBox. For each lun, you should see a line of the following form:

Ap_Id                          Type         Receptacle   Occupant     Condition
c2::5742b0f0004e2b12,1         disk         connected    configured   unknown

The condition "unknown" means the lun is available. In the above example, c2 is the controller /dec/cfg/c2, and 5742b0f0004e2b12,1 is a single path device id (wwpn, lun). 

You can list the available disks using:

format < /dev/null

With the following output, which is a list of the available disks (In this case, you should ignore the first entry):

       0. c0t0d0 <DEFAULT cyl 4092 alt 2 hd 128 sec 32>
       1. c1t6742B0F000004E2B0000000000000AAEd0 <DEFAULT cyl 2381 alt 2 hd 128 sec 32>

You can view the paths for each disk using luxadm or mpathadm. Note that "s2" is appended to the device path. Type:

luxadm disp /dev/rdsk/c1t6742B0F000004E2B0000000000000AAEd0s2

And you should get details about the disk, and it's available paths:

DEVICE PROPERTIES for disk: /dev/rdsk/c1t6742B0F000004E2B0000000000000AAEd0s2
  Vendor:               NFINIDAT
  Product ID:           InfiniBox       
  Revision:             0h  
  Serial Num:           742b0f000004e2b0000000000000aae
  Unformatted capacity: 4768.372 MBytes
  Write Cache:          Enabled
  Read Cache:           Enabled
    Minimum prefetch:   0x0
    Maximum prefetch:   0x0
  Device Type:          Disk device
   Controller           /dev/cfg/c2
    Device Address              5742b0f0004e2b12,1
    Host controller port WWN    10000000c9d0815f
    Class                       primary
    State                       ONLINE

Where in the above example there is only a single path.

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