This guide explains how to provision InfiniBox volumes and obtain their information on a HP-UX host.

This is a manual configuration step that is currently not supported in Host Power Tools.

Manual guide

Volume provisioning

  1. Before you continue, make sure that there is a FC connectivity to InfiniBox.

  2. You should create a Host object in InfiniBox, with your host's WWN's using InfiniBox UI or Infinishell.
  3. You can now create volumes and map them to your host using  InfiniBox UI or Infinishell.

List available InfiniBox volumes

To list InfiniBox luns, run:

ioscan -m lun -C disk

For each lun, you should see a line of the following form:

Class     I  Lun H/W Path  Driver  S/W State   H/W Type     Health   Description
disk     15  64000/0xfa00/0xc   esdisk  CLAIMED     DEVICE       online   NFINIDATInfiniBox
                      /dev/disk/disk15   /dev/rdisk/disk15

Note that the state should be CLAIMED, and health should be online, and this lun is associated with disk/raw disk no. 15.

Further information can be obtained using:

scsimgr lun_map


You can view the paths for each disk using:

ioscan -m dsf

And you should get details about each disk, and it's available paths:

Persistent DSF           Legacy DSF(s)
/dev/rdisk/disk6         /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0
/dev/rdisk/disk6_p1      /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0s1
/dev/rdisk/disk6_p2      /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0s2
/dev/rdisk/disk6_p3      /dev/rdsk/c3t2d0s3

Where in the above example, disk 6 has 3 paths.

Updating the SCSI disk attributes for better performance

For better performance, after each mapping you should set the following attributes for your new SCSI disk device:

scsimgr set_attr -D /dev/rdisk/disk15 -a max_q_depth=128
scsimgr save_attr -D /dev/rdisk/disk15 -a max_q_depth=128

Where /dev/rdisk/disk15 is the device path of the disk. This device path can be retrieved using ioscan -m lun -C disk (See the above example).


If after a disk device is not visible in /dev/dsk after provisioning, try to run:

cd /dev && insf -e
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