This page outlines the tasks to be performed on physical hosts that will be accessing InfiniBox volumes provisioned by OpenStack Cinder

Preparing the hosts to work with InfiniBox

  1. Install Host Power Tools from our application repository
  2. Run infinihost settings check to verify that the HBAs, MPIO and the rest of the storage stack is working properly.
  3. Note that there is no need to register the host with InfiniBox with infinihost system register

A note on Host PowerTools precedence over OpenStack

  • Registering hosts and provisioning volumes by using both Host Power Tools and Cinder OpenStack is not supported.
  • When infinihost detects that OpenStack is installed, it removes the system registration and volume operations from both the command-line and the web interface.

Configuring Multipath I/O for OpenStack services

  1. Enable the following keys inside Cinder's configuration file (/etc/cinder/cinder.conf):
    1. use_multipath_for_image_xfer=true
    2. Recommended: debug=true
  2. If you intend to map volumes to nova instances, you should enable multipath inside nova's configuration file (/etc/nova/nova.conf):
    libvirt_iscsi_use_multipath = true
  3. For the changes to take effect, restart the openstack service:

	openstack-service restart

Connecting the host to InfiniBox

Mixing OpenStack APIs and non-OpenStack methods are not supported when used to attach the same hosts via the same protocol.

For example, it is not possible to create boot-from-SAN volumes and OpenStack volumes for the same host with Fibre Channel. Instead, use a different protocol for one of the volumes. 

The following step depends whether you are using a Fibre channel or iSCSI protocol for connecting to InfiniBox.

Fibre channel connectivity

The host and the InfiniBox systems' FC ports should be zoned manually on the FC switch, or using OpenStacks' "Brocade Fibre Channel Zone Driver".

iSCSI connectivity

  • OpenStack initiates iSCSI discovery and login automatically.
  • OpenStack versions prior to Ocata do not support more than one network space.
    For these versions, if there is more than one network space on the InfiniBox system, 
    add the option infinidat_preferred_iscsi_network_space = <name> to the volume driver configuration section. 

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