Before We Start 

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Infinidat.

As a part of our service to customers, a Technical Advisor (TA) from Infinidat will contact you and guide you through the initial steps of the InfiniBox shipping and implementation process.

Infinidat Technical Advisors are the technical focal point from the customer to Infinidat  and vice versa.

We hope that you will find the Infinidat journey as exciting as we do.


The Infinidat team.

Step 1: InfiniBox Site Survey (ISS)

For every InfiniBox ordered, your TA will provide you with an interactive web form to gather the initial information on the InfiniBox configuration, destination environment and general logistics information and limitations.

In case this is your first InfiniBox, it is recommended to fill up the ISS with your TA.

The ISS contains four parts, which are described below:

  • ORDER INFORMATION [ Part 1 ] – Describes the InfiniBox configuration.
  • MANUFACTURING [ Part 2 ] – Information required for Infinidat to manufacture the InfiniBox.
  • SHIPMENT [ Part 3 ] – Required information for shipment and site readiness.
  • SUPPORT [ Part 4 ] – Required information for the software installation, and ongoing support from Infinidat Customer Support.

Part 1: Order Information

  • This part is predominantly meant for reviewing your order details and provide Infinidat with your contact information.
  • Power configuration:
    • 3 Phase 16 Amps or single phase 32 Amps.
    • Cables – accessed from above or below the rack.
    • 10GbE Network configuration for data:
      • Copper or Optic SFP+.
      • Contact Information for the shipment.
      • Information regarding your DC and final destination of the InfiniBox.
      • Contacts Information for support, parts replacement, etc.
        Please fill in at least 2 contacts per each topic.
      • Organization domain -  InfinidatCS white lists all the domains of our customers.
        Customers in the white list can register to and gain access to our documentation, knowledgebase, repository and open support tickets.
      • IP requirements
        • For management purposes 5 IP addresses are required.
          • 1 IP address for each node’s management port
          • 1 floating IP address for management.
          • 1 IP address for the SA (Support Appliance), used for remote connectivity.
  • For NFS (data) purposes 6 IP addresses are required.
  • For Replications services 7 IP addresses are required.
  • Physical cable requirements
    • 4 Ethernet cables (RJ45 connector) for management and SA connectivity.
    • At least 3 Optic/Copper cables for data services (NFS, Replication, iSCSI)

Part 2: Manufacturing (MAN)

Part 3: Shipment (LGS)

Part 4: Support (CS)

Step 2: Delivery

Before the machine arrives, a logistic company appointed by Infinidat will contact you in order to schedule an onsite survey (‘Physical Site Survey’). This is done in order to check for potential delivery issues (doors and corridors clearance, freight elevator size, etc.).
Unless specified otherwise the InfiniBox will be delivered to its final destination in the DC.

  • Please make sure your DC is ready to accept your new InfiniBox –
    • Power.
    • Floor Space.
    • Network cables.
    • Your TA will contact you to schedule an installation date once the InfiniBox was delivered.
    • Infinidat will provide you with the names and details of the engineers who will require access to the DC for the installation. Please make sure they are given access ahead of time.
    • A standard installation process is as follows:
  • Your InfiniBox is given its allocated IPs as described in Step 1, part 4.
  • A remote tunnel is initiated and Infinidat support takes over the rest of the installation.
  • Final tests and logs collection to make sure the machine is in perfect operating condition.
  • Infinidat is not responsible for initial environment configuration (pools, hosts and volumes, replication, etc.), however, if you need assistance or guidance with any of the above please contact your TA for further assistance.
  • Some installations require different handling with the rack.
    If your site requires the rack to be tilted or lifted – it may be the case that Infinidat will be required to assemble it onsite.
    In addition, InfiniBox can be installed within one of your own racks.

Step 3: Installation

These processes are more time consuming and therefore mean that another half a day is required for the InfiniBox assembly.

Step 4: Operations

InfiniBox Connectivity

These following photos are a diagram of InfiniBox’s patch panel. As of today, there are two choices:

Figure 1 - 4 port Copper node

Figure 2 - 4 port Optical node

Your InfiniBox comes configured with either copper or Optic 10Gb ports, as per your preference on Step 1 Part 2: Manufacturing (MAN).

  • The three color-marks refers to the three controllers (nodes).
  • The upper row is 24x8G Fibre Channel ports.
  • The lower row is 10G Ethernet ports, 3 Management ports, 1 SA port.


The rules of thumb for production Ethernet connectivity are:

  • It is recommended to use two switches for resiliency purposes.
  • Connect each node with at least one cable per switch (2 per node & 6 cables in total).
  • You may use double the number of cables – improves performance and resiliency.
  • You may use LACP in case 2 or more 10G Ethernet ports are connected from the same node to the same switch.
  • You may use VLANs.
  • You may run multiple services (iSCSI, NFS, replication) over the same physical cables.

Fibre Channel

The rules of thumb for Fibre Channel connectivity are:

  • It is recommended to use two fabrics for resiliency purposes.
  • Connect each node with at least one cable per fabric (2 per node & 6 cables in total).
  • You may use double, triple or quadruple number of cables - improves performance and resiliency.
  • Please refer to our zoning best practice in the following link, InfiniBox Best Practices for Setting Up Fibre Channel.

Host Connectivity

An easy way to check host readiness, and configure multipath is by using Infinidat’s Host PowerTools which can be found and downloaded for free from the support portal or from the Infinidat repository:

Additional resources can also be found on our community portal


Many parts of the InfiniBox GUI are self-explanatory however basic initial training will be provided by your TA in case needed.

Infinidat also offer its customers a special two-day admin training and an additional 1-day Champion training, both trainings have certification exams (ICA – Infinidat Certified Administrator, ICC – Infinidat Certified Champion).
For further information please contact your TA / Sales team.

Support Cases

Customers have got several ways of opening a support ticket:


The Infinidat team

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