About InfiniTunnel

InfiniTunnel is a self-sustained support tool, designed to ease the process of opening an SSH tunnel for support purposes. 


InfiniTunnel is a self-sustained support tool, designed to ease the process of opening an SSH tunnel for support purposes.
InfiniTunnel is designed to be run from a customer desktop/laptop system (Windows, Linux, Mac), and open an SSH tunnel from InfiniBox storage system to INFINIDAT Support Server.

InfiniTunnel might be helpful when the Remote Support Appliance:

  • Is not available
  • Has no internet connection (for example, due to a firewall policy)

Precedence of the Remote Support Appliance

If the Remote Support Appliance is available, customers are advised to prefer using it over InfiniTunnel.

Before you begin

InfiniTunnel temporarily enables an encrypted SSH tunnel from InfiniBox to a secured server over the internet.

Run this utility only if you have the customer's consent.


To use InfiniTunnel, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Run InfiniTunnel from a desktop / laptop system with Windows, Linux, or OS X operating systems.
  • The system you are using must have internet access (port 22).
  • The system has to be connected to InfiniBox (using either a direct Ethernet cable or connecting to InfiniBox LAN). 

How to use InfiniTunnel

Downloading the installation file

  1. Download the installation file from the locations that are specified on the InfiniTunnel Release Notes: 
  2. Execute the file:
    •  Double-click the EXE and follow the instructions on screen
    • On Linux, Mac: execute the file

Going through the installation wizard

  1. Prepare the following:

    1. Physically connect your laptop to the InfiniBox Support Appliance
    2. Have the key and password ready
  2. Upon running the EXE, the InfiniTunnel welcome screen opens in a browser.
    (In case the web page doesn’t open automatically, go to the following address:  http://localhost:30481.)

    Click  File Transfer.
    The File Transfer screen opens.

  3. On the File Transfer screen, click Continue.
  4. On the  Step 1 screen, select a connection method and click Continue.
    1. You may select from either of the following connection methods:

      • If you connect your laptop to the SA port (front side of the system), choose SA port
      • If you connect your laptop to the internal switch port (back side of the system), choose Switch port
      • If you are connected using a desktop with non-direct connection (LAN access), choose Other
        • Specify the IP address of the InfiniBox system.
    2. Click Verify InfiniBox Connectivity.
    3. Once both sides of the tunnels are verified, press the Connect button and notify INFINIDAT support your assigned port number:

      Connecting to ssh host …
      Forwarding remote dynamic port to …
      Notify INFINIDAT Support that you have opened a tunnel using port: 44202 

      Select a connection type:

  5. On the  Step 2 screen, click the Verify InfiniBox Connectivity  button.

    Upon verification, click Continue.
  6. On the  Step 3 screen, browse to the infinikey  file that is stored on your laptop, enter the password and click Continue.
    If the file is valid and the password matches, the key uploads to the Support Appliance.
  7. Next, you can upload more files to the Support Appliance, and download installation logs.
  8. In this example, installation logs were downloaded to your laptop.
  9. In this example, a new Support Appliance version is uploaded to the InfiniBox Support Appliance.

    Upon receiving a Success message, you can close the browser's window.


  • Keep this window open as long as support assistance is in progress.
  • Closing the web browser does not close the InfiniTunnel session. 
  • To close the session, open the web page and click  Stop InfiniTunnel.

The infinitunnel command

usage: InfiniTunnel [-h] [-t sa|switch|mgmt|other] [-o IP address]
- Launch without any parameter for GUI mode

InfiniTunnel CLI

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t sa|switch|mgmt|other
                        InfiniBox Connection Method
  -o IP                 other IP address (required for -t other)
  -p proxy address      proxy settings in the form of

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