Registering via CLI

  1. Connect your server to an InfiniBox.
  2. Run the following command to register the InfiniBox:

    infinihost system register

    The command output specifies the details of the connectivity:

    Created host 'prod-linux1'
     Registered initiator ports [10000000c9b07494] in host 'prod-linux1' on system 1032 (ibox032)
     Updated metadata in system 1032 for host id 82214
         hostname = 'prod-linux1'
         system = 'Linux'
         platform = 'Linux-2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64-x86_64-with-redhat-6.3-Santiago'
         powertools_version = '1.9.2.post11.gfa83ee8'
  3. Verify that the InfiniBox is viewed by the host:

    infinihost system list

    The result is:

    The result is:
    Serial  System Name  Registered as    Part of cluster  System Version
    1032    ibox032      Prod-Lab-Linux1  -      

Setting the credentials

Set the credentials that will be associated with Host PowerTools operations on InfiniBox. Run the command with the following arguments:

  • System name
  • User
  • Password

To set the credentials:

  1. Run the command:

    infinihost credentials set --system=ibox032 host-powertools <password>

    The result is:

    Credentials for user host-powertools were saved

Viewing the credentials

The credentials that you are using for connecting to InfiniBox are visible on the screen.

  1. Run the command:

    infinihost credentials get

    The result is:

    InfiniBox Serial    Username
     1032                host-powertools
     20041               admin
     *                   infinidat
     20034               admin

Setting the communication protocol

This command sets the host to connect to InfiniBox via either FC or iSCSI.

Connecting to InfiniBox using the iSCSI protocol requires that the InfiniBox has an iSCSI network space. 

  1. Set the protocol: 

    infinihost protocol set (iscsi | fc)
  2. For iSCSI, run the following command: 

    infinihost iscsi connect <management-ip> [--host-name=<host-name>] [--net-space=<net-space>]

    Host PowerTools looks for InfiniBox iSCSI network spaces. If no iSCSI network space exists, the command fails. 

Checking the settings

Following the installation, and from time to time, you can check whether the Host PowerTools installation and InfiniBox connectivity are OK.

This command returns warnings with links to Infinidat knowledge base articles that provide more details and measures to fix the issue. 

  1. Run the command:

    infinihost settings check

Troubleshooting connectivity warnings

In case that there is an issue, the result is:

Warning Connectivity: Checking that each InfiniBox is connected through more than one initiator
REASON: WARNING: The host is connected to InfiniBox ibox032 (1032) through only one initiator: 10000000c9b07494
INFO: For more information, see 3670216 (
This host is ready to work with the InfiniBox

The host is ready to work with InfiniBox. Nevertheless, to resolve the warning, you may want to click the link and view the knowledge base article.

Available infinihost settings check parameters

The infinihost settings check command accepts the following parameters:

  • --fix – this option fixes the reported issue, pending the user confirmation
  • --auto-fix – this options fixes the reported issue
  • --with-qr-codes – this option provides a QR code on screen. You can use your smartphone’s QR reader (available for free) to open the knowledge base article.

CHAP settings

The host-side CHAP attributes are available via the iscsi.conf file that is available on: 

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