Test Description

In order to support loading the fiber-channel driver attributes during boot without re-creating initrd, we use a hook in the boot process that allows us to reload the fiber channel drivers during boot after the root filesystem has been mounted.



This test case fails if:

The file /etc/rc.modules is not pointing to /etc/rc.modules.infinidat



This test case passes if:

The hook /etc/rc.modules is properly installed


How to fix this test

Automatic fix

The tool writes /opt/infinidat/host-power-tools/src/infi/vendata/powertools/settings/cases/linux/base_cases/fc_driver_attributes/rc.modules to /etc/rc.modules.infinidat, makes sure it is executable and puts a symlink in /etc/rc.modules

If the file already exists it reports a failure


Manual fix

Copy the file and put a symlink as mentioned above

Applies to

  • Red Hat
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS Linux



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