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This configuration connects the Windows iSCSI initiator to the each of the iSCSI targets.

How to

  1. Open Windows' "iSCSI Initiator" utility.
  2. Right-click on the iSCSI storage adapter and select "Properties".
  3. Select the "Discovery" tab, and add each of the targets by using the Add Portal... button and following the on-screen instructions:
  4. Log on to each of the targets. You should check "Enable multi-path", and "Automatically restore..":
  5. You can now map volumes to your host using InfiniBox UI or Infinishell. The name of your host object is iscsi-initiator-{suffix}, where {suffix} is the suffix of the initiator iqn.
  6. You can view the volumes on the "Volume and Devices" tab (After pressing "Autoconfigure"), or in the"Disk Management" Utility.
    If you see a more than one volume per InfiniBox volume, you should make sure multipath is configured correctly.
    In this example there are two provisioned volumes:




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