Host PowerTools supports hosts that are connected to InfiniBox either via FC or iSCSI.

  • When iSCSI connection to InfiniBox is required, Host PowerTools can set up this connection type. 


Host PowerTools automatically identifies the connections for hosts that are connected via FC.

Setting up an iSCSI service on InfiniBox:

Connecting to InfiniBox using iSCSI via GUI

  1. On Host PowerTools main screen, set the protocol type to iSCSI on the slider at the top-right of the screen.

  2. From the menu at the top-right of the screen, select Check Host Readiness.
    This may require a restart of the host.  
  3. Once the system passes the host readiness successfully, open the same menu, select Connect to iSCSI system.

    The Connect to iSCSI system screen opens. 
  4. Type the name of the InfiniBox system. Click Continue.
  5. On the Authentication Required screen, enter the InfiniBox user and password. Check whether to remember these credentials and whether to use the credentials for all connected InfiniBox systems. Click OK. You are returned to the Connect to iSCSI system screen.
  6. Select an iSCSI network space from the drop-down list. Select an authentication method. Host PowerTools negotiates the user and secret with InfiniBox.
    Click Continue. You are returned to the Host PowerTools main screen.
  7. The InfiniBox system is visible on the screen.
    You can now start working with the InfiniBox system (provision, backup, restore, map, etc.).
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