About Host PowerTools for Hyper-V virtual machines

Due to lack of functionality in the Hyper-V synthetic fiber-channel driver, Host PowerTools cannot automatically detect connections between Hyper-V fiber-channel ports (FC HBA) and InfiniBox storage arrays.

For this reason, Host PowerTools behavior on Hyper-V virtual machines is affected in the following ways:

Setting Host PowerTools for Hyper-V to query InfiniBox for Logged-in Initiators

To set InfiniBox credentials, use one of the following options:

  • Command-line
    • Use the command infinihost credentials set
  • GUI
    • Open the Host PowerTools GUI window
    • Find the InfiniBox array that you want to register
    • On the top-right corner, there is an indication of the currently used credentials. If there is an indication "No credentials set", click on the "change" link.
      A dialog will open where you can set user credentials.


The following checks of infinihost settings check are also affected on Hyper-V virtual machines:

  • 6360529 Windows Auto-mounter. This test is skipped if Hyper-V Failover Clustering Service (ClusSvc) is enabled. In this case, Windows device auto-mount should not be disabled.
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