Host PowerTools allows to create snapshots and to perform other related operations on the host's mapped Active-Active volumes.

  • The following section include information which is specific to snapshots management of Active-Active volumes.
  • For more information about snapshot management through Host PowerTools see: Snapshots management.


  • Snapshots are created individually on each peer.
    • Snapshots cannot be replicated between the systems.
    • If both peers are synchronized (the Active-Active replica state of the peers is "Synchronized"), it is possible to snapshot both peers using one command.
      • Yet, it is not guaranteed that the created snapshots will be identical on the two peers. (a snapshots are individual to each peer)
  • Snapshots can be created only on synchronized peers.
    • Means that the peer contains the latest data.
    • If a snapshot was requested on a peer that is not synchronized, the snapshot operation will fail. 

Creating a Snapshot 


The create snapshot command is not application-aware and therefore does not create an application-consistent snapshot by default. In order to create an application-consistent snapshot, please refer to the application's vendor documentation. 

The create snapshot command allows to state a specific system using the "–system" argument.

  • Creating a snapshot on both peers is possible only if both peers are mapped to the host. 

Creating a snapshot on both peers

If a system was not specified when creating a snapshot on an Active-Active volume:

  • Host PowerTools would try to create a snapshot on each peer that is mapped to the host. 
    • If both peers are mapped, but one of the peers is not synchronized - the command fails and no snapshot will be created. 

The snapshot on each peer is individual and created sequentially, therefore the snapshots might not be identical between the peers.

Creating a snapshot on a specific peer

If a system was specified, Host PowerTools would create a snapshot only on the specified peer.

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