Operating Host PowerTools via GUI


Run the Host PowerTools GUI from the Start menu.

The Host PowerTools main screen opens.

Other Operating Systems

The GUI is web-based.

  • In order to access the GUI, run the following command: 
  • If the host has a browser, the GUI opens.
  • On hosts that do not have a browser - the command returns a URL that can be used on another host that does have a browser.

For example:

> infinihost-gui
GUI page is available in the following URL:

Operating Host PowerTools via CLI

In order to operate Host PowerTools via command line, use the "Infinihost" tool.

To invoke on-line help on the available commands, type:


The help is displayed on the screen. Each of the options is displayed further along this document.

OS-specific commands

Filesystem support 

  • The following commands are not available on Solaris (10 & 11), AIX, Veritas and OpenStack:
    • infinihost volume create-filesystem
    • infinihost volume mount
    • infinihost volume unmount
    • Also, infinihost volume provision doesn't support the flags: --filesystem--no-filesystem--mount--no-mount


  • The following commands are not available on Solaris 10, AIX and OpenStack:
    • infinihost protocol set
    • infinihost protocol get
    • infinihost iscsi connect
    • infinihost iscsi disconnect


  • CHAP security is not available on Solaris 11:
    • infinihost iscsi connect only supports --security=none


  • in addition to iSCSI connections and filesystem supports, on OpenStack we disable most volume operations (provision, map, unmap, resize, rename, speedtest) and also "metadata sync" and "system register". The OpenStack Cinder service is responsible for these operations.
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