This page is obsolete as of HPT-VM 6.1

Instead, the details are available in the user guide, Managing ESXi hosts membership in clusters

This page describes how to move a vSphere ESXi host between vSphere clusters that are connected to InfiniBox.

Migration Procedure


  • Verify that all virtual machines on the host are powered off
    • If there are any active virtual machines, vMotion them to another host
  • If there are any volumes mapped directly to the host, make sure they are NOT mapped to the target cluster 
    • If there are, ,ake sure there are no running VMs on the host and unmap these volumes from the host

Migration Process

  1. In vSphere Client
    1. Navigate to the host that you want to move to another cluster
    2. Right-click the host and select Enter Maintenance Mode
      • All virtual machines on the host must be powered off so that the host can enter maintenance mode
    3. In the confirmation dialog box that appears, click Yes
    4. Wait until the task for entering maintenance mode completes
      • The host icon will change to indicate that
    5. Right-click the host and select Move To
    6. Select the desired cluster to move the host to
      • vCenter Server moves the host to the new location
  2. Login to the InfiniBox system (using GUI or InfiniShell) that is connected to the cluster:
    1. Remove the host from the old cluster
    2. Add the host to the another cluster which the host was moved to
      • If the new cluster does not exists - The best method is to register it using Host PowerTools for VMware
  3. In vSphere Client
    1. Reboot the migrated host
      • Removing the LUNs from the old cluster is best handled by the ESX host if its rebooted before exiting Maintenance mode
      • Wait until reboot completes and the host is re-reconnected
    2. Right-click the host and select Exit Maintenance Mode

    3. If Host PowerTools for VMware is installed:

      1. Select the cluster object which contains the migrated host

      2. Locate Host PowerTools for VMware INFINIDAT View.

      3. Refresh Page

      4. If the cluster was not registered - click Register Cluster

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