InfiniMetrics main screen

The main screen of InfiniMetrics displays the monitored systems along with a summary of their key metrics. On top of the screen, the total number of monitored systems and the number of system alerts are displayed.

The following information is accumulative for all of the systems:

  • Number of monitored systems
  • System capacity
    • Physical - allocated and free
    • Virtual - allocated and free 

The following information is displayed for each of the systems:

  • System name - the name of the system and its type
  • Serial number - the system serial number
  • Performance - throughput and OPS for SAN and NAS
  • Physical capacity - total and free capacity
  • Virtual capacity - total and free capacity

Whenever InfiniMetrics cannot connect to a system, an alert is displayed on the screen.

Adding a system

To monitor your systems, simply add them to the InfiniMetrics dashboard:

  1. On the InfiniMetrics dashboard, click Add System.
  2. Provide the system URL, and the credentials of an InfiniBox READ_ONLY user.
    The system is added to the InfiniMetrics dashboard. 
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