As of release 4.1, InfiniMetrics securely sends performance data at high resolution to Infinidat Support. The data is sampled at 10 seconds intervals and sent every 7-8 minutes. This enables new proactive support capabilities and further enhancing the current Infinidat support. The data is secured and the traffic is one-directional, see further details below.

Data flow

In order for InfiniMetrics Call Home to function properly, InfiniMetrics has to be able to send HTTPS traffic outside the customer premise.

  • The data flows is in one direction only. 
  • The Call Home feature supports using a proxy server. The customer may choose to send the data in either of the following ways:
    1. Via HTTPS, without using a proxy server
    2. Using a proxy server, where both the traffic from InfiniMetrics to the proxy server and the traffic from the proxy server to Infinidat Support are in HTTPS
    3. Using a proxy server, where the traffic from InfiniMetrics to the proxy server is in HTTP and the traffic from the proxy server to Infinidat Support is in HTTPS


Configuring InfiniMetrics Call Home 

  1. Access the Call Home Settings screen from the menu at the top-right corner of the InfiniMetrics screen
  2. Leave the Send real-time performance statistics checkbox checked
  3. If a PROXY server is used, fill in its configuration information
    • Specify the username and password only if the proxy server requires authentication
  4. Click Test Connection to verify that the connection is configured properly
    • The test is followed by a success (or failure) notification on the screen
  5. Click Save. The screen closes and performance data is sent to Infinidat Support

Disabling the Call Home feature

It is not recommended to disable the Call Home feature, as it will prevent Infinidat from providing proactive support based on this data, and will not enable using future advanced monitoring tools.

  1. Access the Call Home Settings screen.
  2. Uncheck the Send real-time performance statistics checkbox
  3. Click Save. Real-time performance data will no longer be sent

Supported releases

This feature applies to:

  • InfiniMetrics 4.1 and up.
  • InfiniBox 
    • Version 4.0 already supports the Call Home feature
    • Older InfiniBox versions need to be configured (by Infinidat Support) in order to support the feature
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