Whenever an error message is displayed on screen, and the way to workaround it can't be found on this publication, please send the log to Infinidat Customer Support.

How to retrieve a log

Log collection takes time. It is recommended, when possible, to only collect logs for the relevant system.

Retrieving logs using the GUI

To retrieve an InfiniMetrics log from the GUI:

  1. In the InfiniMetrics GUI, click the Action menu and then click Collect Logs.
  2. In the Collect Logs window, select:

    • Which system to collect the logs from, or All Systems for all enabled systems.
    • How far into the past should logs be collected.
  3. Click Collect Logs to begin downloading the log file.
  4. When the collection finishes, select the location and filename where the log file will be saved, and click Save.

Retrieving logs using the command line

To retrieve an InfiniMetrics log using the CLI:

  1. SSH to the InfiniMetrics VM as root. If a different value has not been set for the password, the root password is nfinidat1
  2. Run one of the following commands:
    • Run:
      infinimetrics collect-logs <serial>
      where <serial> is an existing serial.
      If no serial is provided, the command collects logs for ALL of the enabled systems.
      If the serial provided does not exist, the command collects only general logs, and not logs of specific systems.
    • To further specify the type of output, run:
      infinimetrics collect-logs <serial> --file=FILE  --timestamp=DATETIME  --span=TIME

Where to send the logs

  • Attach the log file to to the relevant Infinidat customer support case.
  • For other means of communications, see:

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