The installation of InfiniMetrics allows you to monitor one or more InfiniBox systems.

Installation instructions

The InfiniMetrics installation file is provided in an OVA format. The OVA file is available from:

Refer to Introduction to InfiniMetrics for the installation prerequisites. 

To install:

  1. Download the installation file (in OVA format) from the download site.

  2. Open the vCenter client and select File  > Deploy OVF Template from the menu.
  3. On the Source pane, browse to the installation file that you downloaded on Step 1 above.
    Click Next.

  4. Review the details on the OVF Template Details pane and click Next.
  5. Review the Name and Location of InfiniMetrics. Click Next.
  6. Select a host, or cluster on which the template will be deployed. 

    InfiniMetrics requires support for SSE 4.2.
    For ESX clusters with Enhanced vMotion Compatibility, EVC levels L2 (Intel) and B1 (AMD) or higher are required to expose the SSE4.2 CPU flags.
    For more information, see Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support (1003212) on VMware Knowledge Base.

  7. Select between thick and thin provisioning formats, all supported by Infinidat.
  8. Set the networking properties:

    1. Default gateway - leave blank if DHCP is used
    2. DNS - leave blank if DHCP is used
    3. Network1 IP address - the VM IP address
    4. Network1 Mask - leave blank if DHCP is used
  9. Review a summary of the deployment settings and click Finish.
    The template is deployed.

  10. Make sure that the VM is powered on.
    Copy the IP address (on the Summary tab) to your browser.

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