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Authorize all members of a user group to access the InfiniBox management interfaces: the GUI console, the CLI, and the API.

Before you begin

Read the User Repositories section at: Overview of InfiniBox user management.


Before defining a user group, at least one of the following must be defined in InfiniBox to serve as an InfiniBox user repository:

Defining a user group

  1. In the InfiniBox Management Console, click the Settings icon on the left toolbar, and select the Users tab.

  2. Click the Create Group button.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Enter a Name to be displayed in the InfiniBox Management Console. This can be any name.
    • In the DN field, enter the domain that the users belong to on the LDAP server. This is the location of the users on the server.
      InfiniBox appends the Users Base DN to the beginning of the group DN.
    • In the LDAP field, select an LDAP server from the list of servers defined in the Management Console's LDAP/AD tab.
    • In the Role field, select an InfiniBox user role:
      - ADMIN
      - POOL_ADMIN
      - READ_ONLY
      This role determines the level of access and control for all the users in this user group.
    • If the user group's Role is Pool_Admin, select one or more Pools to which the users in this group have Admin rights.
  4. Click Add Group.
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