Accessing the monitored entities

The monitors are categorized and grouped into tabs. Click a tab to see the monitors that are grouped under this topic. 

Monitoring a new entity

Some entities are automatically listed on InfiniMetrics. For example, all of the InfiniBox pools are listed under the Pools tab.  Other entities have to be added to InfiniMetrics in order to be monitored. For example, in order to monitor a volume:

  1. Click the Volumes tab.
  2. Click Add Volumes.
    • Note: only mapped volumes can be added
  3. Select a polling interval.
  4. Browse for an entity, or search for it, and click it in order to move it to select it for monitoring.
  5. Click Save
    The selected monitors are added to the screen.

Viewing the monitored entities

  • To view a single entity:
    • Click the entity
  • To view several entities
    • Select entities and click on the Aggregate button
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