Infinidat Storage System has been designed in order to meet the following goals:

  • CostThe cost of usable capacity, power consumption, cooling, floor space, human capital are all part of the costs of owning and managing a storage system. Length and complexity of the task of provisioning capacity or creating snapshots, cost of storage administrators, cost of manual labor that could be automated, cost of  human error
  • Reliability -  Multiple data protection layers
  • PerformanceBalance is loaded across all hardware components to achieve optimal utilization
  • Redundancy3 Nodes in Active-Active-Active configuration, each Node has constant access to all of the drives
  • Availability
    • No single point of failure
    • Protection against double disk failure
    • Fast rebuild in case of drive failure


As part of the process of destaging data from system cache to disk drives, every 64KB of data has an added 4KB for metadata that is written in a RAID 6-like or Dual Parity data protection scheme. Full stripes of 1088KB (using 68KB stripe members) are spread across all the 480 disks within the system, creating hundreds of thousands of independent RAID-Groups; and which provide key architectural benefits for both performance and support for fast recovery from single or double disk failures.

If a drive fails, InfiniRAID immediately rebuilds the data into the spare capacity in the system, carefully distributing the data across all the remaining disks, relieving the administrator from the need to physically replace the disk for the process to complete.

Resuming protection after a disk failure is achieved so quickly as the failed disk was a member of 1000's of independent RAID-groups, each spread over different disks. This means that all the disks participate in the recovery process, minimizing the impact on each disk

Host Power Tools

Host PowerToolsTM provides both storage and application administrators with the newest set of storage management tools. Host PowerToolsTM helps the storage administrators by automating the mundane, manual, time-consuming tasks, thus enabling the storage administrator to focus on other tasks, rather than maintaining infrastructure.

Infinidat Host PowerToolsTM for VMware is an application that provides the VMware administrator with provisioning capabilities by assisting and easing the process of volumes backup and recovery.


In an effort to reduce the storage sprawl, InfiniBox was designed to support multiple protocols in a single system. The internal data structures allowing InfiniBox to scale to petabytes were designed to allow storing both SAN volumes, NAS filesystems and object storage (RESTful API). As additional protocols are added to InfiniBox stack, the focus on keeping the feature-set identical across all protocols is maintained. This allows customers to choose the right protocol for their need without compromising on functionality.

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