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This task creates a network space using the GUI wizard. 

  • Network Space - the definition of a specific data service (NAS / replication / iSCSI) within one specific subnet. 

This task is a prerequisite for:

  • Creating a link
  • Creating a replication 
  • Deploying a service (for example: NAS)

For multi-InfiniBox services (Replication), repeat this task for each InfiniBox.


  • Ports:
    • Data
      • 1 or more ports per node (preferably of the same configuration across all nodes)
      • IP addresses
        • iSCSI - 6
        • NAS - 6
        • Asynchronous replication - 4
        • Synchronous replication - 7 
      • Firewall port: 8067 (for asynchronous replication only)
    • Management (required only for Replication network space)
      • 1 Management port
      • 1 IP address
      • Firewall ports: 80, 443
  • Network interface

Before you begin

  • On the GUI, click the Settings icon on the toolbar on the left, and then click the Network Spaces tab. 


  1. Click Create on the Network Space pane. The Create Network Space screen opens.
  2. The wizard is comprised on two panes: Ethernet Interfaces and IP Configuration. 
    Fill in the Network Name and select a Service. 
  3. The wizard takes into consideration previously created Interfaces. 
    1. If you need to create an Interface, click the Create Interfaces button. 
    2. Allocate Ethernet ports for the Interface, and click Create.
      The Interface is created.
    3. Click Next to move to the IP Configuration screen.
  4. Type the IP addresses of the network, netmask, default gateway, management and data.
    Type Enter or click Add for each management and data IP address.
    Note that the IP addresses list contains 7 IPs (1 management, 6 data) but only 6 are visible on screen (scroll the IP addresses pane to view them all).
  5. Click Finish. The Network Space is created and is visible on the screen.

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