InfiniBox features security mechanisms that:

  • Increase the security on access to the storage
  • Provide visibility to storage admins on who is connected to the storage system

Authenticated session support

InfiniBox supports authenticated sessions to prevent:

  • Storing passwords in clear text
  • Sending passwords over the wire for each request

Configuring the session auto-termination parameters

  • Via the API:
    • Request: api/rest/config
    • Parameters: 
      • mgmt/mgmt.session_expiry
      • mgmt/mgmt.session_idle_timeout
  • Via infinishell:
    • config.system.set_session_timeout

Session identification

Each session will include the following data:

  • session_id
  • username
  • password
  • creation time
  • last request time

Password change during a user session

If the password changes amidst a user session, the session is updated and the user does not have to re-login.

User role changes

Changes to the user role take effect immediately.

LDAP users

LDAP changes

The following changes to an LDAP user take effect only after the credentials are refreshed:

  • Group assignment
  • Account removal

Changing the password of an LDAP user

LDAP users changing passwords will require re-authentication.

Management node failover

A management node failover requires all users to re-authenticate.

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