InfiniBox version requirements for replication

Volumes, consistency groups, and filesystems can be replicated across multiple InfiniBox systems that either run the same major version or else are one major version apart. The major version is the first term of the InfiniBox version number. For example, you can replicate entities between InfiniBox versions 5.0.3 and 5.5.40 (same major version), and between InfiniBox versions 5.0.3 and 6.0.20 (one major version apart).
Replication is not supported across systems that are more than one major version apart. For example, versions 
4.0.60 and 6.0.20.

Required entities

The replication uses the following entities, defined one on top of the other:

  • Ethernet ports - every InfiniBox system includes 3 controller nodes. Every node has access to all drives. Depending on the available InfiniBox model, one may have either 2 (F61xx/F21xx) or 4 (F62xx/F22xx) 10Gbps Ethernet ports per node.
  • Network space - different InfiniBox services require a network space of their own. 
    • The same network space serves both Asynchronous and Synchronous replicas
    • Separate network spaces are required for Replication and for NAS.
  • Service - an InfiniBox feature that requires network connectivity. For example: Replication, NAS.

Required ports

Please consult the InfiniBox Best Practices Guide for Setting Up the Replication Service.

Creating ports

Create a port on each of the Nodes:

On Node 1: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N1ETH1

On Node 2: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N2ETH1

On Node 3: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N3ETH1

Create a network interface

Create a network space

  • The link verifies that there are enough IP addresses on both systems (1 for Management, 3 for Synchronous replication, 3 for Asynchronous replication, as explained above)
  • For a description of Link States, see: Detaching and attaching a link
  • See detailed instructions here: Creating a link

Creating a replica

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