Infinidat Part NumberDOC-00204-PR

Safety while moving the rack from the truck to the data center

The rack arrives at the customer premises packed in a wooden crate.

General note

The following actions must be executed by 2 carries / movers:

  1. Unloading the wooden crate from the truck
    1. Unloading the wooden crate from the truck has carried out properly
  2. Carrying the wooden crate takes place by one driver and one coordinator that directs the driver
  3. Moving the unpacked rack on its wheels is done by one carrier that pushes from the back and a second carrier that pulls from the front 

Safety while moving the create by truck

Weight note

The wooden crate weight is visible on two sides of the crate, in both kg and lbs.

Tying the crate to the truck wall

 MANDATORY The wooden crate must be tied in the truck during transportation by using a ratchet.

Unloading the crate from the truck

MANDATORY It is mandatory to use a pallet jack when loading/unloading the wooden crate. We highly recommend to use an electric pallet jack.

Using an horizontal truck ramp

MANDATORY If the unloading of the crate from the truck is carried out using the truck's horizontal ramp, the jack's pressure has to be released so that the crate will rest on the ramp, rather than on the jack.

Truck ramp slope

MANDATORY The maximum ramp slope while unloading the wooden crate cannot exceed: 5⁰ - The ramp bottom edge must be in touch with the fixed surface/floor.
For reference: a ramp length of ~200cm and a ramp of height of ~15cm, make a slope of about 5⁰.

Safety notes for using a forklift

Maximum load capacity

MANDATORY Look for the forklift load limit sticker to assure that the forklift can securely and safely carry out the job.

Make sure that only an authorized driver can operate the forklift.

Loading the crate

  1. MANDATORY Insert the forklift forks all the way in until the end of the crate
  2. MANDATORY Tie the crate to the forklift mast

Tilt the crate

MANDATORY Driving the forklift truck, tilt the mast backward as describe below.

Forklift center of gravity

MANDATORY Verify that the forklift center of gravity specifications are carefully met.

Driving the forklift in reverse

MANDATORY As the crate blocks the driver's view, drive the forklift in reverse.

Beware of a possible gap between the truck and the dock

MANDATORY Unload the crate only after verifying that there is no gap between the truck and he dock.

Safety notes for opening the crate

  1. MANDATORY Open the package according to the unpacking instructions that are attached to the wooden crate. 
  2. MANDATORY Drive the rack (on wheels) – by at least two carriers one or two from the back side and one from front side. 
  3. MANDATORY Do not push the rack from side “A” or “B”.

  4. MANDATORY When moving the rack, make sure that the passage is clear and that there are no objects blocking the passage. Make sure that the flooring is intact without any damages. 
  5. MANDATORY Using the metal sheet is mandatory when moving the rack and crossing small gaps or floor height changes such as: elevator exits, data center entrance, etc. The metal sheet is located on the left side of the rack inside the wooden crate.
  6. MANDATORY Maximum rack transportation angle (when pushing/pulling the rack on wheels): 5⁰

Safety notes for preparing the rack for use

Placing the rack in the data center

MANDATORY When located, the rack has to be leveled.

Loading drives into the enclosures

MANDATORY Do not lean, or place, any object on the enclosure.

MANDATORY Do not open more than 1 ENC at simultaneously.


MANDATORY It is mandatory to install the stabilizer kit.
The stabilizer kit is located on the left side of the rack, inside the wooden crate.

To the customer

Any change to the rack location or position has to be coordinated with Infinidat.

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