An InfiniBox server. Typically, there are 3 nodes in a system.

Ethernet Port (Port)

Physical Ethernet port (copper / optical).  

Network Interface

One or more Ethernet Ports that are grouped together for the purpose of redundancy and/or performance using LACP.

Ethernet Interface failure modes

Partial failure

A failure of 1 or more Ethernet Ports which are part of an Ethernet Interface where at least one port remains available.

Complete failure

A failure of all Ethernet Ports in an Ethernet Interface.


A network data service, e.g. NFS, Replication

IP address

A group of floating IP addresses that will offer the service (Each IP offers 1 service). It’s recommended that each Network Space will have 6 IP Addresses to ensure even workload distribution.


A set of definitions for a network address space, annotated using CIDR. Example:

Network space diagram

Network space name



Service type


Remote Replication

IP address

Default Gateway

IP addresses

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