About this task

This task adds ports to the network space.

Before you begin

To access the network interfaces:

  • Click the GUI Settings icon and then go to the Network Interfaces tab.

GUI Instructions

  1. Select a network interface and click Modify Interface on the Actions menu.

    Modify Ethernet Interface screen opens.
  2. Modify the interface as follows:
    1. Rename the interface
    2. Add ports to the interface. Note that if the interface uses only one node, you can add ports that belong to this node, but you cannot add ports that belong to the other nodes.
  3. Click Modify.
    The screen closes, and the interface is modified.

Related tasks

To remove ports, or to set the interface rate limit, use InfiniShell:

  • config.ethernet.interface.remove_port - This command removes a port from an interface

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