About this task

In order to accommodate the Replication settings to changes in the network, sometimes there is a need to change the IP addresses the Network Space uses to a different network. 


This task assumes that the following entity is already defined:

  • Network space
  • Link
  • Replica

Before you begin

Prior to any modification to the Network Space IP addresses, there is a need to:

  • Detach the Network Space from the Replication link. See instructions here: Detaching and attaching a link

    Do not delete the link.

  • Approve the detachment. 

  • The replicas will automatically suspend, keeping their initial copy.

GUI instructions

  1. Go to Settings, Network Spaces and click the relevant Replication Network Space. Click the IP Addresses tab. 
  2. One by one, disable and delete the data IP addresses.

  3. Disable and delete the Management IP address.

  4. Click the Network Space Actions menu and select Modify Network Space from the menu.
    The Modify Network Space screen opens.

  5. Modify the Network Space attributes if needed (see relevant instructions here: Modifying a network space). Edit the Network IP address, Netmask, Default Gateway and MTU if needed.
  6. Return to the IP Addresses tab. Add the new IP addresses.
  7. Repeat the process, if necessary, on the remote site.
  8. If IP addresses were added on the remote site (on step 7), go to the Links screen, select the relevant link and click Change Remote IP.

    Enter the IP address of the remote site:
  9. Attach the link.

    Select the modified Network Space.

    Confirm the request to refresh the link.

    The replica will resume automatically.
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