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InfiniBox allows for an extra-curricular synchronization of a replica. Such synchronization is usually in use in order to achieve application-consistent replica. The sync now task synchronizes a replicated dataset (volume, or a consistency group) on demand, regardless of the scheduled replica cycle. The value of the replica interval is immaterial for the sync job. Specifically, the replica interval does not have to be changed to NONE in order to issue the sync now command.

The sync now command creates a new snapshot on the source and initiates a sync job. Future, interval-initiated, sync jobs are not canceled. Multiple sync now commands - one per replica - can be run on the same source system concurrently.


This command requires an up and running replica definition, that is:

  • Past the Initialization state
  • Not in Suspended state

The command fails in case there is a sync job that is currently running.

GUI Instructions

  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, click the Replication icon on the let toolbar to open the Replication screen.
  2. Right-click a replica and select Synchronize Now from the pop-up menu.

    A sync job is initiated. 

InfiniShell instructions

Look up the following command on the InfiniShell Command Reference:

  • replica.sync_now

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