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InfiniMetrics network settings (Hostname, IP, netmask, default gateway, DNS servers) are configured during initial deployment. If changes to these settings are required, use the instructions on this page.


To change the InfiniMetrics network settings:

  1. Log in to InfinimMetrics VAMI interface by pointing a web browser to the InfiniMetrics IP/Hostname port 5480 using HTTPS:  
  2. On the Login page, enter the following credentials, and click Login
    • For the User, enter root
    • For the Password, enter the value set for your InfiniMetrics password. If a value has not been set, enter nfinidat1
  3. Select the Network tab and click the Address tab,
  4. Edit the settings and click the Save Settings button.

Important: If the network settings are set at the virtual appliance level, those settings will take precedence and will be restored on the next reboot.

To change the network settings on the virtual appliance level so that they persist across a reboot:

  1. Log in to your VMware vSphere server client.
  2. Select the InfiniMetrics VM from the list of virtual machines.
  3. In the Configure tab, expand the Settings options, select vApp Options.
  4. In the Properties table select the property you want to change, and then click SET VALUE. 
  5. Repeat for all properties you want to change.
  • If the settings are greyed-out (uneditable), the appliance needs to be shut-down prior to changing them.

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