How to access InfiniMetrics

  • Viewing the metrics of an InfiniBox system requires credentials of a user that can access the InfiniBox or InfiniGuard system.
  • Starting from release v5.6.1, credentials for READ_ONLY permissions must be provided when adding a system to InfiniMetrics or when changing a system's connection settings.
    Systems added prior to this release can continue being monitored.
If LDAP user credentials are used, any LDAP connectivity issue will result in InfiniMetrics not collecting InfiniBox or InfiniGuard data.

Create users in InfiniBox

For each system in InfiniMetrics:

  • One InfiniBox READ_ONLY user is used by InfiniMetrics for ongoing monitoring the InfiniBox or InfiniGuard system.
  • The same, or another, InfiniBox READ_ONLY user may be used to view the information in InfiniMetrics for that system.

To create a user in InfiniBox:

  1. Log in to InfiniBox with a user that has permissions to add users.
  2. Select the Settings view, and open the Users tab.
  3. Create a local user with a READ_ONLY user role.

For more information, see the Authentication and Security and LDAP Integration chapters on the InfiniBox user documentation.

Add InfiniBox users to InfiniMetrics

When you add a system to InfiniMetrics, you are prompted to enter the credentials of the InfiniBox READ_ONLY user that will monitor the system.

When you select a system in the InfiniMetrics main screen:

  • If a user is already logged in to that system in InfiniMetrics, the detailed monitors are displayed.
  • If no user is logged in, you are prompted to enter the credentials of an InfiniBox READ_ONLY user.

    You can opt to:
    • Automatically reuse the credentials for this system for the next two weeks
    • Use the same credentials for viewing the metrics of all systems in InfiniMetrics
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