This section describes commands that create, modify, enable and disable and delete a network space.

  • config.net_space.createThis command creates a new network space on one or all of the system’s nodes
  • config.net_space.queryThis command lists network spaces
  • config.net_space.set_interfacesThis command assigns interfaces to the network space
  • config.net_space.deleteThis command deletes a network space
  • config.net_space.set_serviceThis command assigns a network space for a service
  • config.net_space.rename - This command renames a network space
  • config.net_space.ip.query - This command lists the network space IP addresses
  • config.net_space.ip.createThis command creates an IP address – or a range of consecutive IP addresses – for a network space
  • config.net_space.ip.deleteThis command deletes an IP address from a network space
  • config.net_space.ip.enableThis command enables an IP address of a network space
  • config.net_space.ip.disableThis command disables an IP address of a network space

The commands are displayed in length, including examples on the InfiniShell Reference Guide.

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