The InfiniMetrics appliance is configured by default to perform under the following load:

  • Monitoring 4 InfiniBox or InfiniGuard systems
  • Support for 3 simultaneous web clients

When monitoring a larger number of systems, it may become necessary to increase the appliance system resources. Since resource usage is highly dependent on the level of activity of the monitored systems, it is recommended to modify the status of disk space, RAM and CPU as necessary.

Disk space

InfiniMetrics typically uses around 6 GB of disk space per monitored system for a full year of data. By default, the appliance is configured to use 30 GB, which is enough for monitoring 4 systems (plus the space used by the operating system and software).


The InfiniMetrics appliance starts with 8GB of memory. Adding more RAM may become necessary when monitoring more than a dozen systems or so.


When monitoring more than about 20 systems, the number of processes in the appliance warrants additional CPUs beyond the default two.

InfiniMetrics limits the number of monitored systems to 20, and will prevent adding any more systems when reaching this limit. In order to increase this limit, please contact INFINIDAT support for assistance.

Typical configurations

The table below shows recommended system resources based on the number of monitored systems. Your appliance may need less or more resources, depending on the systems' activity level.

Monitored systemsDisk spaceRAMCPUs
430 GB8 GB2
850 GB8 GB2
1590 GB12 GB4
25150 GB16 GB4
35210 GB20 GB6
45270 GB24 GB8
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