About routing tables

Storage environments often enjoy a rather simple network architecture, and do not require complex networking settings. For systems that require a more tailored configuration, InfiniBox supports static routes, configurable per network space.
These could be used to:

  • Separate replication traffic from production system A to DR systems B and C, so that each replication stream will go through a different gateway (spreading the load between them)
  • Routing specific IP subnets (E.g. DMZ hosts) through a specific gateway
  • Etc.

InfiniBox routes are configured per network space. Since each service requires a network space on each subnet it is connected to, different subnets can enjoy the flexibility of different routing rules.
However, contradicting rules in different networks are not supported. For example, routing network space A to destination network X via gateway AX and routing another net space (B) to the same target network X via gateway BX, is not supported. 


  • Maximum of 16 routes per Network Space

  • Maximum of 256 routes per service

  • Each route needs to be between CIDR 0 and 29 ( -, smaller subnets are not supported in this version

  • Contradicting routing rules are not supported

Creating a routing table

The routing table can be created either automatically or by the user.

Auto-created routing table

A routing table is automatically added to a network space that has a default gateway. The routing table includes the following properties: destination network, network address, netmask and gateway IP address. The routing table does not have an interface property, as it serves all of the properties of the network space. When the network space gateway is modified or removed, the routing table is modified, or removed, accordingly.

Manually adding a routing table

The routing table can be manually added, modified and removed using the GUI, CLI or API.

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