About this task

For a detailed description of this topic, please refer to the InfiniBox Best Practices Guide for Setting Up the Replication Service.

Before you begin

  • You cannot delete an Interface while it is in use

Physical Deployment

  • There are two stacked switches available
  • A port from each node connects to each switch
  • Each of the ports of each node forms an LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) (6 in total)

InfiniBox entities

  • There are 1 LACP per switch per node, * 2 switches * 3 nodes = 6 LACPs
  • There is an interface per LCAP group
  • There are two network spaces, each utilizes all of the interfaces of one of the switches
  • There are two services, one per network space
  • Only one service serves the replication link
  • The other service is in stand-by

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