About this task

This task creates a network interface using the InfiniBox Ethernet ports. The network interface is later on used for creating a network space.

Before you begin

Query for the InfiniBox Ethernet ports. The following ports are required for creating a network interface:

  • Management (for a replication network space)
    • 1 Management port
    • 1 IP address
    • Firewall ports: 80, 443
  • Data (for all network spaces)
    • 3 to 6 (3 * 1 to 2) ports
    • 3 to 6 IP addresses
    • Firewall port: 8067

Querying for Ethernet ports on the GUI

  1. Click the GUI Settings icon and then go to the Network Interfaces tab.
    The system's Ethernet ports are displayed on screen. 

Querying for Ethernet ports on InfiniShell

  1. Run config.ethernet.port.query to view the system's ports. 

GUI Instructions

  1. Click the GUI Settings icon and then go to the Network Interfaces tab. 
  2. Click Create.
    Create Ethernet Interface screen opens.
  3. Provide a name to the interface, select the ports that will be associated with the interface and determine whether to allow the interface to use ports from all three nodes.
    Click Create.
    The interface is created and is visible on the screen.
  4. Repeat these steps to create more interfaces. 

Following the completion of this task

You can now create network spaces.

Related tasks

This section describes commands that create, modify, enable and disable and delete an Ethernet interface.

  • config.ethernet.interface.create - This command creates interface
  • config.ethernet.interface.enable - This command enables an interface
  • config.ethernet.interface.disable - This command disables an interface
  • config.ethernet.interface.query - This command lists the interfaces that are defined in the system. It can be filtered by interface name, and by node
  • config.ethernet.interface.rename - This command renames an interface
  • config.ethernet.interface.add_port - This command adds a port to an interface
  • config.ethernet.interface.remove_port - This command removes a port from an interface
  • config.ethernet.interface.set_rate_limit - This command limits the available bandwidth that the interface can utilize

The commands are displayed in length, including examples on the InfiniShell Reference Guide.

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