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When creating a pool, volume or a filesystem, there is an option to set them to be compressed.

The default compression settings are as follows:

  • Poolthe default compression value is set via the API:
    • Request: /api/rest/config/mgmt/ 
    • Parameter: pool.compression_enabled_default
  • Volume & filesystem - follow the pool's settings
    • Whenever the pool is set to no compression, the Volume Create and Filesystem Create screen will have their default compression setting set to no


The compression settings toggle is available on the following screens:

A note on compressing a newly created filesystem

When a new filesystem is created, it reserves 1.6MB for its metadata.
This part of the filesystem compresses very well, leading to the filesystem showing 16:1 compression ratio.

  • Note that a thick filesystem starts with 1:1 ratio even if compression is on.
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