Replicated entity limitations

Asynchronous replication supports replicating:

  • volumes
  • consistency groups
  • filesystems

Synchronous replication supports replicating:

  • volumes
  • consistency groups

Active-Active replication supports replicating:

  • volumes
  • consistency groups (from version 5.0.10 and later)

Consistency group replication is supported, but the replications do not support adding or removing members.

Replicated entities limitations

  • Only root volumes/filesystems can be replicated.
  • An entity can be replicated only to one target.
  • A replicated entity cannot be restored or deleted.
  • A target entity cannot be write-enabled.
  • No more than 6-15 replicas can be initialized at the same time (depending on the InfiniBox model).
  • The maximum number of replicas in InfiniBox is (the lower between the two):
    • 250 replica definitions (consistency groups, volumes, and filesystems)
    • 2048 datasets (volumes or filesystems)

Network space limitations

  • IP addresses cannot be added or removed from a replication network space when a link is attached.

System limitations

  • A system supports up to 16 links to other systems.
  • Two systems can have only one link between them.

Replication management IP failure and re-establishment

When all the interfaces in the port group containing the replication management IP link fail on the system master node, the data connections within the port group failover to the other nodes.

  • The replication management IP, however, does not failover.
  • The system generates an event regarding the degraded state of the link.
  • During this time, although existing replicas keep working as usual, the replica state may not be reported correctly, and replication provisioning operations cannot be performed until the replication port group is re-established.

InfiniBox version requirements for replication

Volumes, consistency groups, and filesystems can be replicated across multiple InfiniBox systems that either run the same major version or else are one major version apart. The major version is the first term of the InfiniBox version number. For example, you can replicate entities between InfiniBox versions 5.0.3 and 5.5.40 (same major version), and between InfiniBox versions 5.0.3 and 6.0.20 (one major version apart).
Replication is not supported across systems that are more than one major version apart. For example, versions 
4.0.60 and 6.0.20.

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