Source system

The InfiniBox system whose volume is replicated.

Target system

The InfiniBox system that the volume is replicated to.

Source dataset

A volume on the source system that is replicated (or planned to be replicated).

Target dataset

A volume on the target system that is the destination of the replicated data. A target volume that is part of a replica cannot accept host writes.


An entity that matches a pair of source and target volumes and other settings essential for the replication.


The InfiniBox system through which the user manages the replica.


The InfiniBox system at the other end of the replica.

Both local and remote system may contain source and target datasets.


A bi-directional means of communication between local and remote systems.

The link is defined via Management.

Sync job

The process of creating a snapshot of the source and delivering it to the target.

Sync interval

The amount of time between two planned sync jobs.

Staging areaThe storage space that is reserved to, or used by, snapshots that are in use for the replication process, both on the source and the target InfiniBox systems.

Recovery Point Objective. The amount of data, measured in time units, that is at risk and might be lost in the case of a disaster.

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