• Policy
    • The maximum number of QoS policies on the system: 5000
    • Maximum entities in a single policy: 500
  • Capping
    • The lowest value for Volume Performance capping (IO/s, MB/s) is: 1,000 IO/s and/or 50MB/s

    • The lowest value for pool Performance capping (IO/s, MB/s) is: 10,000 IO/s and/or 250MB/s

  • Burst
    • Burst factor minimum value: x1.1

    • Burst factor maximum value: x10

  • QoS effect on IO requests when crossing performance thresholds 

    • The added latency for delayed IO requests is up to 200 ms

    • The maximum outstanding IO requests per FC port due to QoS added latency is 800 

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