About this task

This task tracks the progress of the replication.


A replica definition.


  1. On the GUI, click the Replication icon on the menu on the left. The Replication screen opens. (This screen has two tabs, the Replicas is the default tab.)
  2. Click a replica to view its details on the expanded view.

Viewing the replica details 

The replica details pane displays the following information:

  • The name of the local replicated entity
  • The role of the local entity (either source or target)
  • The name of the remote system
  • The data and time the replica was created
  • The RPO of the replica
  • The Interval of the replica
  • The restore point
  • The size of the staging area 
  • The replica state
  • The names of the source and the target entities. For a replicated consistency group - a list of the replicated datasets on both source and target

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